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Marijuana Dispensary Insurance

Do I really need insurance to protect my medical marijuana corporation? Is it necessary? What are the advantages of having insurance? Is it worth it to pay for insurance? Most clients ask these questions when coming in for a consultation. We provide them with simple, straightforward answers.

If something were to happen to your business or your medicine such as a fire or theft, would you be ready to pick things back up and get your business started again without monetary stress? We always get the same answer: “No.”

Thinking about it realistically, you should keep in mind that anything can happen at any time. People don’t usually believe that any of those things are likely, until something actually happens to them or their businesses. That’s why you need medical marijuana dispensary insurance. You need to protect yourself and your business from losing money in the event of a misfortune.

Basic Medical Marijuana Dispensary Insurance Coverage

We can provide you with the protection you need, without putting you at risk if your business undergoes some type of misfortune. All businesses need to have proper insurance. This does not exclude your cannabis dispensary, which should be safe and secure with the right protection.

Many people assume that medical marijuana dispensary insurance is very expensive and unattainable. This is a very common misconception. Medical marijuana industry insurance is actually very reasonably priced. We can provide you with general liability, property coverage for your furniture fixtures, equipment, inventory and tenant improvements for an affordable price. All of these make our medical marijuana dispensary insurance coverage comprehensive. This will help your business stay on its feet, should some type of calamity or unfortunate event arise.

General Liability

We can offer you general liability insurance protection up to $5 million. This will help your company protect itself inclusively. This includes damages and injuries. This is especially important when it comes to finding a good medical marijuana dispensary insurance plan.  General Liability is also required by your landlord and as the state laws continue to adjust and new rules and regulations written, it is becoming a requirement for state licenses.

Property Protection

Protecting your business’s property is very important. It isn’t rare that you hear of businesses losing everything due to some kind of disaster. A fire, robbery or act of vandalism can make any company go bankrupt at any point in time.

We can provide you with property protection to restore your businesses inventory, furniture, fixtures, equipment and tenant improvement’s just to name a few. Some people don’t have medical marijuana dispensary insurance coverage and realize that they should have set up a plan. Unfortunately, a number of companies only learn this after a claim and their property has been stolen or destroyed.  Purchasing a medical marijuana dispensary insurance plan will help you get back on your feet much quicker and much more easily in the event of property damage.

Medicine Coverage

We can provide your cannabis dispensary with coverage for your inventory against risks such as fire or theft.  We can also provide you with insurance coverage while your product is in transit from the cultivation facility to your dispensary.

Business Income/Extra Expense Insurance

At Garzella Group Cannabis Insurance Services, we don’t only provide coverage for general liability, medicine and property. With our medical marijuana dispensary insurance coverage, we also deliver insurance for your business’s income and additional expenditures. This is similar to all other businesses, not just those that deal with medical marijuana.

When we talk about business income, we mean the net income that wouldn’t have been interrupted if your business hadn’t suffered fire, theft or other covered claim. This can also include the losses faced by your business in the event that you have to move it to another venue.

Edible marijuana for medical purposes, vaporizing tools, smoking devices and dispensaries are all covered by product liability insurance.

Product Liability

How many times have you heard of businesses getting sued due to unexpected reactions to their products? How many patients have tried to sue different companies by making claims that certain medicines have affected them negatively? Unfortunately, this is all too common. Sometimes, even false claims end up winning. That’s why we can provide you with product liability that will protect you from lawsuits. Why would you risk paying the expenses of potential claims when we could take care of that for you?

Your carrier will protect your business from being sued by medical marijuana patients who have undergone inadvertent side effects.  The expense of hiring a lawyer to defend a claim, even a nuisance lawsuit can be stager and cause a business to fall.  By purchasing product liability insurance the policy will provide coverage for not only the potential indemnity payment but also the cost to defend the lawsuit.

Benefits of Having Medical Marijuana Dispensary Insurance Coverage

The benefits of having adequate insurance include:

  • Compensation for your business losses
  • Protection from lawsuits
  • Being able to go back into business after misfortune

Let Garzella Group Cannabis Insurance Services help you choose a policy that will fit your individual needs.  Protecting your assets, whether personal, business, or both, is our goal.  A well-chosen policy can lessen the impact of some of life’s most common, yet unforeseen perils.  We’re here to help when you are considering coverage for your Marijuana business.